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Hypnosis Sessions for Everything Else...

We do private sessions one on one, for a wide range of issues.

  • Weight Loss - Most people eat as a way of distracting from a bad feeling such as boredom or stress. We can help with this and with your habits, behaviors and more!

  • Stop Smoking-We specialize in smokers that have a VERY difficult time quitting.

  • Specific Fears - such as fear of dentists, driving, being on stage, making presentations, or changing jobs. We also work with Anxiety and Phobias when referred by a doctor or psychologist.

  • Stress, Anxiety and General Nervousness - Global feeling of being unsettled or uncomfortable.

  • Public Speaking Fears - Tension and fearful feelings when interviewing, in groups or in giving presentations.

  • Relationship Issues - Forgiving family members, getting over betrayal, attracting quality people.

  • Ongoing Sadness - Either from a specific loss such as a death in the family, loss of career, divorce or a general sad feeling that has become a way of life.

  • Habits and Behaviors - hair pulling, bed-wetting, nail-biting and any other "too much" behavior like drinking too much, working too much, sexing too much, etc

  • Anger Resolve - For the person who just gets too mad too often, and wants to have control.

  • Emotional Mess - For those with many unresolved emotions at play. These people tend to cry too often or easily, takes things personally, and/or feel too guilty, frightened, mad or sad.

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